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Welcome to DeLever
How can we help you 'Shape your APC Journey, today?'

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" In my 25+ years of APC support experience, over 60% of APC candidates submit poor final assessment documents! 
Don't be a statistic, let DeLever help you..."

Jon Lever FRICS

CPD Resources
on tap... 

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What I wished I had, had..!

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31 years ago I embarked upon my
APC Journey.  Things were a little

different then and whilst I had a very
supportive employer, there was little to
no guidance.  Fast forward 11 years to
2001 and I had the opportunity to set up
DeLever (an old family name with heritage back to the 1200's!)
and since then have proudly supported APC candidates for over
22 years.  Everything we do at DeLever is what I wished I had had when I was a trainee.  We pride ourselves on quality, openness, transparency, straight talking and fun when dealing with our clients. 

Whilst my diary is always stacked, we can always make time for you to come and have a chat and we can exercise the wealth of experience my team and I have to give you some insightful guidance and direction to make sure you have the smoothest, low-stress APC Journey possible.  We look forward to talking to you sometime soon.

Kind regards
Picture of Jon lever FRICS
Jon Lever FRICS FInstCPD
Jon Lever
DeLever's APC Pass rate success is circa 90% year on year. 
RICS published average pass rate is circa 65% for the last 25 years!
DeLever protects its pass rate fiercely and ethically.  We WILL NOT put you forward for assessment until you are completely ready.

Here is what we can do for YOU...

Paid for services
With APC Expert Coaches / Assessors.  These can be provided to an individual or within corporate programmes

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Doc Review

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Mock Interviews

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Sup & Couns Course

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iSpy Report

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Prep Days

Paid for APC Training, Support and CPD
With APC Expert Coaches / Assessors.  These are low cost and accessible resources to aid and assist those with limited budgets

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APC Roadshow

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Hot Topics

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Free APC Training, Support, Resources and CPD
Produced or facilitated by APC Expert Jon Lever FRICS. These are free and accessible resources to aid and assist.

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myAPC Diary

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APC Roadshow LITE

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Free Resources

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Why Choose DeLever?

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  • Over 25 years of APC support experience
  • Empowering you to ACE your APC, a one-stop-shop!
  • Supporting RICS & SCSI for over 25 years
  • Over 19 years in an RICS Training Advisor Role
  • Over 8,500 RICS/SCSI members trained to be Assessors by Jon Lever FRICS
  • Involved in authoring the current APC process & training
  • Thousands of Candidates supported around the world
  • Tried and tested APC successes
  • Over 40 APC Expert Coaches / Counsellors and ALL seasoned APC Assessors / Chairs
  • Complete one-stop-shop for your APC
  • Innovative and industry leaders in  APC Support & Development (everyone else copies us!)
Established in 2001, by Jon Lever FRICS, who has a proven track record in all APC Routes and Pathways, supporting everyone... individuals, SME's, Corporates & Blue Chip companies

We are humbled to have a network of surveyor friends around the world!

"the best job ever, thank you..!"
Jon Lever FRICS

DeLever Affiliate Scheme 

Why not take an opportunity to reward yourself for promoting DeLever's exemplary APC Training and Support services?

You can become a DeLever Affiliate and promote certain DeLever products and services to your APC colleagues and contacts and benefit from any sales that your involvement generates.

Interested?  Contact:

Become a
DeLever Affiliate

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'With the right catalyst, you
can achieve
great things...'


"I have used the DeLever resources during my training as a Surveyor since obtaining my degree and wholeheartedly recommend them to all APC candidates. The on-demand webinars and in-person workshops are a fantastic way to learn and improve both competency and presentation skills. A MUST USE RESOURCE!"


I should also add... "Jon's clear, practical and concise advice made the process much easier to understand". Honestly Jon, I can't thank you enough for your support over the years that I've been building up the courage to sit my interview."


Richard Swan MRICS

A word (or two) of advice...

There are more APC training providers now than there ever have been and I would advise anyone seeking support that you check and test whom you are buying from before spending thousands of pounds!  We have received a lot of feedback about candidates who have invested a huge amount of money to then be let down or receive poor advice.  Please, please, please do your due diligence and do yourself a favour and get the right advice from the right people.

And, I include DeLever in this too!  Make sure you test us out and utilise our
free resources, free APC Roadshow Lite pages, our free YouTube channel our free podcast and maybe invest in the price of a coffee (£4.98) once a month to sample our weekly APC Roadshow which will give you at least one hour of formal CPD every week. 

when you are not disappointed in what DeLever has to offer!
consider what to invest your valuable time and money in to get the best for your own unique APC Journey.  Don't forget we can always have a chat with you and advise you... You only need to ask...
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