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We are members, we understand and we work closely with institutions.

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With over 20 years of competency-based assessing experience and having trained over 7,500 assessors, we have some useful advice and guidance to give.

DeLever is innovative and entrepreneurial and has developed competency-based assessment software, for capturing, collating and analysing trainees competency experience.

Jon Lever FRICS has personally designed, written and supported standalone and online competency recording, management and mentoring tools for the last 20 years and our latest is the myAPC Diary 2020.  This software is ideal for supporting any trainee whether a graduate or apprentice.

Jon Lever is also a member of or works with a number of existing institutions and we have listed them on this page.

We are always willing to discuss our experiences and support any institution wishing to develop competency-based assessment as part of their professional qualification / achievement programme.

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"we have had the opportunity to work with top class institutions all around the world and have learnt a lot from the experience"

We have supported and advised institutions for over 25 years, so far...

Professionalism is at our heart...

Here is a selection of institutions Jon Lever FRICS has worked with or been a member of... so far...

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