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iSpy Report...

Your document, our APC Expert Coach and 70% of your Final Assessment questions!

  • Provided by a DeLever APC Expert Coach from your Pathway

  • You receive a comprehensive report detailing as many of the questions the coach can think of asking you, as if they were assessing you

  • An opportunity for a brief chat with the DeLever APC Expert Coach if any elements of the report require further explanation

  • All quality checked before issuing

  • Check out our special offer packages

  • We can help and provide you with an opportunity to have your submitted final assessment documents reviewed by one of our Pathway specific APC Expert Coaches (all active APC Assessors)

  • Feedback from those who have used the DeLever APC iSpy Service, suggests in practice we are, on average, highlighting at least 70% of the questions that came up in their real final assessment.

  • You will receive a comprehensive feedback report, from the DeLever APC Expert Coach, detailing every question they would consider asking you, based upon your own unique assessment documentation, as if they are really assessing you!

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We ONLY provide our iSpy Report service on the final version of your submitted documents.

It takes 10 to 14 days to produce the report!

NB: Our turnaround time for specific pathways may be effected at certain times due to the high volume of orders. 

For confirmation on when you should expect to receive your completed iSpy Report please contact


(£415 plus VAT)



iSpy Report package

iSpy Report and follow up APC Coaching special offer


(£651.50 plus VAT)

Want to know what you'll be asked?

Feedback we receive tells us at least 70% of the questions we identify, come up in your assessment!

Learning outcomes

  • A full appreciation of the importance your submission document

  • Identification of areas for improvement

  • Identify any competency / revision gaps

  • Identify ongoing preparation priorities

  • Understand how the assessors will view your documents

  • Receive a comprehensive report giving you pointers on where to improve.


Feedback faces.png

Feedback from those who have used the DeLever APC iSpy Service, state in practice we are, on average, highlighting at least 70% of the questions that came up in their real final assessment.


Feedback from DeLever APC Expert Coaches

We have been providing the APC iSpy report for a few years now and our DeLever APC Expert Coaches want to provide you with some IMPORTANT feedback.

  • We have received some very poor submission documents in the past that do not allow us to carry out a proper APC iSpy service.  If this occurs our APC Expert Coach will be in touch to discuss this with you prior to undertaking any work as your funds may be better spent on 'assessment damage limitation' coaching, focusing on how to mitigate the issues prior to your assessment!

  • Level 1 questions are going to be very similar as they are based upon knowledge base and there is only a finite amount.  Therefore please be aware if you and a colleague are using this service, across two different reports, the feedback on Level 1 will always be similar.

  • We will ONLY provide an APC iSpy service on documentation that has been actually submitted to RICS for assessment.  If you have not yet done this we suggest you look at our APC Pre-Submission Document Review service instead

APC iSpy Package

APC iSpy Report Package

'A iSpy report and follow up 2 hours of coaching'

Candidates often need further support on some of the areas identified and
highlighted in the iSpy report and often they purchase further coaching
, so
we thought we could help out and build some coaching in
for you too.

What do you get?

  • An APC iSpy Report - package price £474 (£395 plus VAT)

  • 2 hours of follow up APC Coaching - package price £307.80 (£256.50 plus VAT)

Package Price - £781.80 (including VAT)

Normally £822 ... Saving over £40

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