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DeLever legal statements

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Modern slavery & human trafficking

Please read...

DeLever is committed to and in support of the eradication of modern slavery and human trafficking.  Whilst we are not required to publish an anti-slavery statement each year due to our size, we would like businesses we work with to understand our position on modern slavery.  


We are a small business in a niche market in the field of learning and development and only work with specialists within this field who offer their service as consultants.  We have very few manufactured products but those that we do have we try to source responsibly to ensure we are helping modern slavery and human trafficking to diminish rather than thrive.


DeLever Limited support a modern anti-slavery charity called Unseen ( and we have a donation page on our website which links to this charity where our customers can make donations in kind when they use some of our free products/services.  They have a choice of a number of charities on this page (


Potential risk areas in our business:

  •  Office supplies such as paper products and stationary

  •  Sourcing presentation material e.g. Flip folders that form part of our presentation pack

  •  Technical equipment such as cards for our mock video recordings, tri-pods, etc:

  •  Office hardware such as scanners, laptops, etc

  •  Corporate merchandise - source and suppliers


Steps we are taking:

  •  Sourcing materials and suppliers responsibly


If you have any questions, please contact Katherine Byfield (

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