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  • Be part of a growing APC community

  • Talk to Jon Lever FRICS and DeLever APC Experts directly

  • Ask your questions 24/7... We may not answer 24/7, but we just might!

  • The DeLever Network is a free resource to provide you with an opportunity to ask any APC questions

  • We pride ourselves in our friendly and approachable manner and happy to chat about your APC any time

  • Why not be a part of something today that could make a real difference to your APC experience.



We have previously hosted these discussions in SLACK.  We do not use WhatsApp as we believe it IS NOT Data Protection or GDPR compliant.  As of July 2021 we are transferring all of our free discussion networks over to TELEGRAM App which has excellent Privacy and GDPR options.  We welcome and invite you to engage.

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Connect and get involved. Ask APC questions, discuss issues...
See our different networks and we welcome you to engage with us.  Receive professional, practical and friendly advice from some of the most experienced APC experts in the world!

APC experts at your finger tips!

Got a niggling APC question that no one can give you a straight answer to?  Well... you haven't asked us yet?

APC Roadshow Discussion Group from DeLever

Our APC group for APC Roadshow subscribers and guests to discuss topics we highlight at our WEEKLY APC Roadshow CPD hot topics.  Why not come and get involved with our weekly APC Roadshow and benefit from this fantastic resource... 

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DeLever / DiverseCity Question Time

Jon Lever FRICS and Bola Abisogun OBE FRICS have joined forces to discuss and support a range of topics...

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DeLever Network Etiquette

We aim to provide a professional environment, fun and relaxed, focusing on the values of community, support and friendly interaction to the benefit of all DeLever Network members.  However, we do have an online etiquette statement that we expect all DeLever Network members to observe and we will fall back to this should the need occur:


  • Be professional

  • Be polite and respectful (Remember those supporting you are highly experienced, industry leaders)  

  • Adopt the principles of Diversity and inclusivity and a zero tolerance to anyone contravening these

  • Ask absolutely anything APC

  • Contribute your thoughts and ideas

  • Tell us about what you do but, please, NO full-on sales pitches. (If you wish to advertise, first contact

  • Find out about APC events and DeLever learning and development opportunities, products and services

  • Benefit from some fantastic social media interaction

  • Tell your colleagues and contacts to join the DeLever Network so they can benefit too

  • If you have any questions please contact  or  +44 (0)1234 780142

  • Most of all Enjoy!

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