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Building an APC community and quality APC guidance, advice and CPD

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Building a great APC community

Every Wednesday at 12 noon (UK)

Hosted by Jon Lever FRICS

  • A community of like-minded people 

  • Focused on general areas, something for everyone

  • Great support network

  • APC hot topic CPD talk every week

  • Approx 4 hrs formal CPD each month

  • APC Autocue - Where you at!

  • APC process explained

  • Bite-size easy to understand

  • Passed APC Candidate feedback

  • Assessor feedback

  • Opportunity to get involved

  • Practice your presentation

  • Competency write up feedback

  • Presentation critiques

  • Latest APC update

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Monthly subscription

Bronze Subscription

Live only

£4.98 (incl VAT & fees)

(£4.15 excl VAT & fees)


Silver Subscription

Live & month recordings for 30 days

£9.98 (incl VAT & fees)

(£8.32 excl VAT & fees)


Gold Subscription

Live & access to all recordings 

£19.98 (incl VAT & fees)

(£16.65 excl VAT & fees)

(Please note: You will automatically be added to our free members pages when you purchase an APC Roadshow subscription)

Online CPD, quality advice and great support!



Formal CPD

every week

Learning outcomes

  • Top quality advice and support

  • Part of a community of like-minded individuals

  • Ask absolutely anything about the APC process 

  • 100% APC awareness

  • Opportunity to engage and get involved

  • Presentation and public speaking practice

  • Fantastic value for money

Need the link?

If you need the link to our APC Roadshow live event you can find this in your membership subscription page information.  Click the link relevant to your subscription plan and the link will be on the page.


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  • 95%    It is online

  • 93%    Value for money

  • 92%    It's facilitated by Jon Lever FRICS

  • 91%    APC CPD Hot Topic Talks

  • 91%    Open APC Q&A throughout


"Brilliant CPD per week, it keeps me on track with my CPD and also know trending news"


"I have found these sessions have given me the structure and information I need to progress towards becoming MRICS."


"In the two months leading up to my final assessment, the APC Roadshow provided me with a focal point each week whilst being furloughed. It triggered my thought process about hot topics and made me think outside of my technical competencies revision. The topics were exactly what I needed to guide my mandatory competencies revision and the example interview questions and weekly Q&A opportunities with multiple current APC assessors were truly invaluable.


From another aspect, I gained a sense of being a part of a team, I wasn't alone in the APC process! Attending the APC Roadshow is definitely a must for all APC candidates."


Charlotte Bassett MRICS

Building Surveying Pathway


Monthly Subscription Options

Please note your subscription will automatically renew month on month, from
the date you subscribe, until you cancel it. Also, you will gain access to our
free membership pages when you subscribe. 

BRONZE - £4.98 (incl VAT & fees) per month

You will get access to the Live APC Roadshow each week ONLY. 

We hope this will support those who have been furloughed or faced with redundancy.

SILVER - £9.98 (incl VAT & fees) per month

You will get access to the Live APC Roadshow and the archive recordings for the month you have subscribed.  Plus you can claim a £10 per month voucher off the DeLever product of the month.

GOLD - £19.98 (incl VAT & fees) per month

You will get access to the Live APC Roadshow and the FULL archive of recordings for the duration of your subscription.  Plus you can claim a £20 per month voucher off the DeLever product of the month.


APC Roadshow Info Sheet

APC Roadshow Quizzes

Attend our APC Roadshow events and benefit from at least 4 hours of great CPD every month. 


Want to make it Formal CPD?  Well, then do the quiz and see what you have learnt!? Click a date and topic below to do the quiz.

Click to do an APC Roadshow CPD Hot Topic quiz... 

See how much you know about your APC Hot topics!

Free live Roadshow trial?

  • We invite everyone to attend every 10th APC Roadshow for free! 

  • Fancy popping in to see what all the fuss is about? 

  • Then register and come along to the next free APC Roadshow.


APC Roadshow recordings

You can access the recordings, for 30 days or more, in a number of ways:


Gain access based upon your subscription choice (monthly £9.98 / £19.98 incl VAT & fees).  We send this to you as part of your subscription



Click one of the month links below and gain access to the month's recordings for 30 days for £27 (incl VAT & fees)

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APC Roadshow Product of the month

As a APC Roadshow Subscriber you get the amount you have subscribed off our selected product(s) of the month.

So, if you are a SILVER subscriber and have paid £9.98 (incl VAT & fees) for the month, you can claim £10 (incl VAT & fees) off the product of the month.  If you are a GOLD subscriber and have paid £19.98 (incl VAT & fees) for the month, you can claim £20 off the product of the month.

This month's 'Product(s) of the Month'

APC Revision

Pack 60 Days

Discount - £187 or £177

Normally £197

Mandatory Competency Revision Pack 180 days

Double your money (£20/£40)

Discount - £377 or £357

Normally £397

APC Masterclass


'How to write Competencies'

Discount - £25 or £15

Normally £35

If you are an APC Roadshow member, please contact us for a voucher