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myAPC Diary 2020...

Providing time saving APC management and mentoring solutions for 20+ years

  • Manage your APC Journey online

  • 25+ Years of APC experience built in

  • Intuitive input error checking

  • Full and safe backup of your data

  • Share your progress with anyone

  • Innovative, simple to use and works

  • Full free technical support

  • Online free myAPC Diary training events

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Save 60% of your Admin time

for £Free (currently!)

You will need to register to get your free copy...

Turbocharge Your APC!

Save 60% of your APC Admin. Monitor your progress in real time, share with anyone and it's free to use!

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Candidate satisfaction


"My weakness was my inability to communicate effectively. The mock interview has helped me to work on this and really opened my eyes to the issue."

"My weakness was my inability to communicate effectively. The mock interview has helped me to work on this and really opened my eyes to the issue."

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myAPC Diary 2020

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Register to get your copy

Simply ​complete the form below and we will process your request as soon as possible and email you a unique link for your copy of the myAPC Diary.

We advise you to watch the training videos before using the myAPC Diary so that you know how to use the tools.

myAPC Diary Features

The DeLever myAPC Diary is an innovative piece of software designed, written and developed by Jon Lever FRICS for over 20 years.  

You'll not find any other APC recording system like it, anywhere in the world!


We cannot decide which of the following benefits are the best because we love them all!

If we think of any more we'll add them to the list!

  • Designed and written by an expert and highly experienced APC Assessor, Chair, Assessor Trainer and Candidate (end users)

  • Online system

  • Managed through an internet browser

  • Updates your APC progress in an instant, in real-time

  • Add, amend, adjust and reflect on all of your APC recording with ease, any time

  • Complete competency selection available (2015 & 2018)

  • Provides an opportunity to record multiple competencies so you can compare and contrast

  • Records your APC Diary in your own timeline chronology for up to 6 years

  • View your whole APC Diary in a single page

  • Creates a Log Book of detailed annual and year on year competency summaries

  • Monitors your Level 2 and 3 totals, recorded against each competency

  • Creates vibrant and colourful progress management graphs to monitor your APC progress

  • Records CPD for up to 6 years

  • Creates CPD management summaries to monitor your progress

  • Helps you record your Summary of Experience

  • Monitors word counts of each competency type and level

  • Records competency sign-off as they occur in the candidate’s timeline chronology

  • Full error checking to ensure compliance with RICS process / Candidate guide

  • Supervisor online full access

  • Supervisor can review and monitor diary inputs

  • Supervisor can review and monitor CPD inputs

  • Supervisor can review and monitor Summary Of Experience inputs

  • Supervisor can interact and sign off competency achievements

  • Counsellor Access

  • Counsellor can review and monitor Diary inputs

  • Counsellor can review and monitor CPD inputs

  • Counsellor can review and monitor Summary Of Experience inputs

  • Counsellor can interact and sign off competency achievements

  • Multiple candidate summary and analytics dashboard for APC Manager oversight

  • Robust online server access and up time connectivity

  • Timesaving 60% of Candidate Admin time (100+ hours over 2 years)

  • APC Process and management tool incorporating all APC parties

  • Follows RICS APC Candidate guidance to the letter

  • Ability to back up and download all data personally

  • Ability to output data to an Excel workbook for backup and/or uploading for submission

  • Monthly online live training sessions with the system manager

  • Instant Messaging dedicated discussion group

  • Complete APC Journey management tool

  • Backed up by DeLever Weekly


myAPC Diary Register

myAPC Diary training videos

Before you embark on recording your APC journey, we would strongly advise you to watch our short myAPC Diary tutorial films, below.

Save over
100+ hours
admin time!

No.1 - Introduction to the myAPC Diary

Want a general introduction to the whole myAPC Diary?  Then look no further

No.2 - The Candidate Information page explained

Start here because you'll need to set up your copy of the myAPC Diary.  Enter your details, start date and competencies, simple... job done in an instant!

'A massive benefit of the myAPC Diary is that you can back up your data.  Once you enter data into arc there is no way of backing it up or outputting it, so be aware.

We suggest backing up your myAPC Diary weekly. Or when you have done a large data input.  It is just good practice.

Click file > download > excel

Note.  YOU CANNOT RUN the myAPC Diary offline in excel.  It just won't work...  Sorry!


'Record experience against Level 2 and 3 ONLY in your diary.  Level 1 is learning not experience and should therefore be recorded in your CPD.

Also, remember we don't record experience against any of our Mandatory competencies either.

No.3 - The myDiary page explained

Record all of your diary experience in real-time.  Record against your declared competencies and remember minimum HALF days!

No.4 - The myLogbook page explained

Fully Automated, nothing to do here other than watch the logbooks grow and an amazing visual tool to monitor your progress effectively.

No.5 - The myCPD page explained

With all the time the myAPC Diary saves you you can focus on building up and recording your CPD. The section also sorts it for you into activities and years.

No.6 - The mySummary of Experience page explained

Write up your competencies, check word counts, monitor against the maximum allowed word counts and sign off competency levels.  Monitor it all in real-time!

Managing the final assessment submission

Once you have used the myAPC Diary to effectively manage your whole APC process we need to get your data into the RICS submission tool, 'arc'.  Unfortunately, RICS does not allow any third party bulk upload into arc as it is not advanced enough to have this functionality.  

However, do not dispair, because out of those 100+ hours we have saved you you will need to invest about 4 or 5 of them to upload your data into arc.  We would suggest you aim to do this upload in the last 3 to 4 months prior to the RICS submission deadline you are aiming for.  You could consider investing half an hour a month to trickle feed the data into arc, with the comfort that you know you have a back up of all your data in the myAPC Diary.

This short video will explain how to get your data into arc as quickly and efficiently as possible.


'The myDiary and myLogbook are the powerhouses of the myAPC Diary.  This is where a huge amount of admin time will be saved.


Keep these up to date and monitor your competency progress and identify any RED FLAGS if you have any competency recording getting out of control'


'Take the myLogbook data outputs and put them into arc periodically or at least 3 to 4 months prior to submission'

Want to know how?  Click here


'The myCPD and mySummary of Experience pages are great if you want to keep all of your APC journey recording in one place...


However, using MS WORD will do as good a job and certainly for the Summary of Experience may be easier to share with your mentors to edit and track changes'

myAPC Diary online tutorial sessions

It is good to watch the myAPC Diary tutorial videos, but it is always better to attend a live event and talk to us so we can explain how things work and answer any of your questions regarding the myAPC Diary.

Here are our next live online training dates:

22nd March 2022 at 12:00 noon (UK)

13th June 2022 at 12:00 noon (UK)

3rd October 2022 at 12:00 noon (UK)

5th December 2022 at 12:00 noonn (UK)

myAPC Diary Final
myAPC Diary Tutorial

The myAPC Diary development journey, so far...

The DeLever myAPC Diary 2020 has gone through a number of designs.  Every time it has moved forward and improved.  Here is a chronology of its development over the last 20 years:

  • July 2020 - Launch of the myAPC Diary 2020 online designed and written by Jon Lever FRICS in google sheets.  Whilst not as beautiful as its predecessor it is up to date and functioning well.

  • June 2020, Jon sadly had to shut down the myAPC Diary online due to COVID19 and escalating costs. A very sad day!

  • May 2015 to June 2020, Jon worked with a software house and provided the myAPC Diary online, a fully functioning online APC recording management and mentoring tool based on a low-cost subscription model. It was beautiful and flawless!

  • In 2008, based on the experience of designing and writing the myAPC Diary, Jon designed and created the RICS APC templates in Microsoft Excel for each APC Pathway.  The templates were used by RICS, around the world, until 2017.

  • From 2002 to 2015, Jon designed and created a fully functioning Microsoft Excel VBA programmed workbook called the myAPC Dairy.  It recorded the APC Diary, logbook, Summary of experience and CPD so you could monitor your APC progress.  This was a commercially available product.

  • From 1998 to 2001, Jon developed an excel spreadsheet that recorded and collated relevant APC information.

  • In 1998, Jon had the idea to create an automated APC recording system.  Based on his APC experience.

  • In 1995, Jon sat his APC and the entrepreneurial flair was seeping through as there had to be a simpler way to record and prepare for the Final Assessment

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