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Supervisor & Counsellor...

Bite-size online sessions to help understand and implement your mentor role...

  • Are you being asked to take on a role you do not fully understand?

  • Has it been a while since you got your charter?

  • The APC process is continually evolving

  • Come and find out how to mentor your candidates effectively

  • Latest updates and CPD relevant

  • Find out what the assessors want

  • Facilitated by Jon Lever FRICS who has trained over 8,500 APC Assessors

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Mentor like an Assessor!

We will walk you through four 1 hour online sessions and explain everything you need to know to mentor effectively...


per head

per head

The Course Modules

​These modules are all delivered online using ZOOM
(Note: we use ZOOM as it is better for recording events and screen sharing)​

  • Module 1 - The APC Process Explained (1 hour CPD)

    • APC process

    • APC routes

    • Roles and responsibilities

    • APC timeline

    • Final assessment

    • myAPC Diary and the RICS Assessment Platform

  • Module 2 - Understanding the Competencies (1 hour CPD)

    • Principles

    • Competencies

    • Levels

    • How to best guide your candidate

    • APC documentation

    • APC case study

  • Module 3 - Mentoring, Managing and Monitoring (1 hour CPD)

    • Develop as efficiently and effectively as possible 

    • Understand the Assessor questioning technique

    • Understand how to properly challenge your candidates

    • How do I know my candidate is competent?

  • Module 4 - Question like an Assessor (1 hour CPD)

    • Interactive exercises

    • Real-life APC Assessor questioning exercise and guidance

    • Get involved, practice and learn how best to test, assess and prepare your APC candidate properly for the BIG day

    • Reflect on the course

  • Plus+ Membership of the DeLever Supervisor and Counsellor Network for continued support from Jon Lever FRICS. 

Learning outcomes

  • Opportunity to discuss your APC with Jon Lever FRICS

  • Familiarise yourself with the whole process

  • Evaluate how to mentor your candidates

  • Understand the importance of your role

  • Identify your candidate's competency / revision gaps

  • Appreciate how the Final Assessment Interview works

  • Understand how the APC questions will be asked

  • At least 4 hours CPD

Want this course delivered in house?

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