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Mock Interviews...

The opportunity to experience an authentic APC Online Final Assessment Interview...

Optimum time

to do a mock

interview is

approx 4 weeks

prior to Final


  • A Full one hour online APC interview

  • With an APC Pathway Assessor

  • Instant feedback

  • Recorded

  • Chaired by Jon Lever FRICS

  • We advise doing a mock about 4 weeks before your Final Assessment date

  • Check out our special offer packages

  • You know your mock will be like the real APC interview should be because Jon Lever FRICS has trained most of the UK assessors!

  • Flexible options, providing you with an online interview time and date to best suit your situation

  • Pre-mock online check to explain how the interview will be delivered and tips on online interviews

  • A Full one hour online APC interview

  • Instant feedback session immediately after your mock

  • Chaired by Jon Lever FRICS, joined by a DeLever APC Pathway Assessor to match your Pathway

  • 1.5 hrs CPD focusing on your declared competencies

  • Perfect preparation and perfect revision practice

  • Get it right or wrong in a professional and friendly environment,
    it does not matter as we are here to support you.

  • Recorded and a copy of the recording sent to you within 7 days

  • All Delivered online in ZOOM (because it is the best system)

mocks transparent.png

£498 (incl VAT & fees)
(£415 excl VAT & fees)


£444 (incl VAT & fees)(£370 excl VAT & fees)

Early Bird Prices available until:

Land & Property - 31/01/2024

Built Environment - 29/02/2024


Mock Special Offers
Special offer price on mocks, Pre Submission Document reviews, iSpy Reports and Coaching.


Register interest
Not quite ready for the APC final assessment? Register your interest now and benefit from future mock special offers

If you do one thing, do a mock!

We facilitate 100+ mock interviews every year.  Test your readiness in a friendly and supportive environment...

Learning outcomes

  • Experience the real APC final assessment

  • Familiarise yourself with the whole process

  • You will be tested by real APC Assessors

  • Evaluate your APC preparation, so far

  • Identify any competency / revision gaps

  • Identify ongoing preparation priorities

  • Understand how the APC questions will be asked

  • Develop your listening and answering skills

  • Receive instant feedback from the assessors

  • Receive a recording of your assessment

  • At least 1.5 hrs CPD.

  • Increase your chances to pass the real interview


Product sheet - Mock Interviews.png


Feedback faces.png

Candidate satisfaction scores:

  • 95%.   Quality of the DeLever mock

  • 97%    Assessor feedback quality

  • 86%.   Better prepared for the real thing

  • 95%.   Likely to recommend a DeLever mock


"The advice given gave clear light to where I needed to channel my revision. I felt that they gave me confidence making sure I wasn't missing the easy wins and showed me clearly where I need to improve and be ready for the big day."


"My weakness was my inability to communicate effectively. The mock interview has helped me to work on this and really opened my eyes to the issue."

Mocks - Mock Packages

APC Mock Interview Special Offers

Not just a Mock Interview but add-on Final Assessment
preparation and support

We have gone one or two better than just one of our top-quality Mock Interviews...  You can now get bolt-on support services at a special offer package price.  We are offering document reviews, mock interviews, iSpy reports and coaching as different packages...

mocks transparent.png

Package options

PreSub DocRev          Mock          iSpy          Coaching 2 hrs

Gold - £1332 (Save £162)
PreSub DocRev - £444 (£370+VAT)
Mock Earlybird - £444 (£370+VAT)
​iSpy Report - £444 (£370+VAT)

Platinum - £888 (Save £108)
Mock Earlybird - £444 (£370+VAT)
​iSpy Report - £444 (£370+VAT)

Normal price incl VAT & fees

Normal price excl VAT & fees

              £498                            £498                 £498                           £150/hr               
              (£415)                           (£415)                (£415)                          (£125/hr)

Tungsten - £1,158 (Save £138)
Mock Earlybird - £444 (£370+VAT)
iSpy Report - £444 (£370+VAT)
Coaching x 2 hours
£270 (£112.50+VAT/hour)



Bronze - £444  (Save £54)
Mock Earlybird - £444 (£370+VAT)
Mock Normal - £498 (£415+VAT)

Silver - £888  (Save £108)
PreSub DocRev - £444 (£370+VAT)
Mock Earlybird - £444

Diamond - £1,602 (Save £192)
PreSub DocRev - £444 (£370+VAT)
Mock Earlybird - £444 (£370+VAT)
​iSpy Report - £444 (£370+VAT)
Coaching x 2 hours - £270 (£112.50+VAT/hour)

Please note when booking any packages with PreSub DocRev or iSpy Reports or Coaching you ensure sufficient time to include for DeLever to provide those services in a timely manner.  In addition, normally the coaching option is used for discussion around weak areas identified in the iSpy, Mock and question and answer practice.

What is a... (click the link to go to each individual service page for full details)

  • PreSub DocRev
    A review of your submission document (BEFORE YOU SUBMIT IT) and guidance on improvements. This normally takes a DeLever APC Expert Coach 10 to 14 days to provide this service.

  • Mock Interview
    1 hour 'as real as it gets' online Final Assessment Interview, based on your submission document.  We require your actual RICS submission documents (1x submission document and 1 x Case Study report) as soon as the RICS Submission wondow closes or no less than 2 weeks prior to your mock interview date.

  • iSpy Report
    Your Final Assessment submission reviewed and a report containing every question we would ask.  This normally takes a DeLever APC Expert Coach 10 to 14 days to provide this service.

  • Coaching
    A DeLever APC Expert Coach from your pathway supporting you on ANY aspect of the APC, per hour.  We generally get these organised within 7 days, depending upon the DeLever APC Expert Coach's availability.

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