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DeLever APC Candidate training & Support


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Supervisors &


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Employers, SME, Corporate, BlueChip

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DeLever is an industry leader in professional competency based training for the RICS & SCSI's Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) Process, Competency, Professional Regulation / Conduct & Ethics awareness 
Training & Development and a CPD hot topic provider.  
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We have spent over 25 years supporting institutions like the 
RICS & SCSI, we have assisted thousands of APC Candidates,
Supervisors, Counsellors, Chartered Members,
Employers and anyone else involved in the management
and development of the APC.

Established in 2001, by Jon Lever FRICS, we have a proven track record in all APC Routes and Pathways and we have been fortunate to be able to facilitate thousands of APC and career development success stories.

We are delighted to boast about our team of APC expert coaches and our extended surveying friends and family who

are based all around the world.


We are humbled by their and your friendship.

Thank you!

"the best job ever..!"

Jon Lever FRICS

"We protect our success fiercely"

 85% to 100%

APC Pass rate year on year

Your pass rate is our pass rate!

And that is why we demand nothing less than 100% quality in everything we do to support you.  


We pride ourselves in having over 25+% higher APC pass rate than the RICS published global average (approx 65%)  


We are not magicians, we fully understand the process because we helped write it!  We work tirelessly with all our clients to make sure their APC Journey is productive and they ACE their APC Journey as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Time to focus on YOUR Spring 2023 Final Assessment?

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Hello, and we hope you are safe and well...

We are working closely with all of our clients, some of whom are feeling the strain as COVID-19 continues to challenge our world, businesses and livelihoods.

We are thankful that DeLever innovated early and has been providing online solutions for over 10 years.  We have learnt many key skills in the production and delivery of online solutions which we share with all of our clients. 


We are cautiously optimistic for the future and look forward to supporting you and we will continue to offer innovative and cost-effective solutions to help you ACE your APC as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Please keep in touch, 'wash your hands' and stay safe.  

Kind regards,

Jon Lever FRICS - Managing Director        


"I have used the DeLever resources during my training as a Surveyor since obtaining my degree and wholeheartedly recommend them to all APC candidates. The on-demand webinars and in-person workshops are a fantastic way to learn and improve both competency and presentation skills. A MUST USE RESOURCE!"


I should also add... "Jon's clear, practical and concise advice made the process much easier to understand". Honestly Jon, I can't thank you enough for your support over the years that I've been building up the courage to sit my interview."


Richard Swan MRICS

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DeLever APC Candidate training & Support


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Supervisor &


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Employer SME, Corporate, BlueChip

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Over 20 years of APC expert coaching & experience


quality & friendly APC advice and support

All APC routes

and most

APC Pathways


No one else
in the world

has our APC skill

set / experience

DeLever products and services

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APC Roadshow

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Doc Review

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Mock Interviews

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myAPC Diary

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Prep Days

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Sup & Couns Course

More products and services will appear here as we develop them

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