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Supporting APC Candidates can be a challenge... That is where we come in!

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We can support you...

  • Need an active APC plan to attract new talent?

  • Want an efficient APC programme in place?

  • Don't have the resources available?

  • Want to keep up to date with the APC?

At DeLever we have been effectively supporting companies of all sizes and shapes for over 20 years. 

With Jon Lever FRICS at the helm, you cannot ask for a more professional, well informed, clear and concise, experienced APC guide, providing an effective resource for you as you embark on supporting your candidates...

DeLever has a team of hand-picked (by Jon) APC expert coaches from many surveying backgrounds and pathways.  All are active APC assessors and are able to provide support to an individual or a whole group of APC candidates.

Jon has worked closely with RICS and SCSI in the last 20 years developing the APC, having been an RICS training advisor for 18 years supporting employers, trained over 7,500 RICS/SCSI members to be assessors, assessed and chaired for over 20 years and sat on boards such as RICS Regulation and Governing Council for the last 15 years, you will not find anyone else more qualified to support your APC candidates, anywhere in the world.

Whether you want a light touch or full APC programme of, we can facilitate every aspect of the APC process.

Practically all other APC training providers you'll find in the market place have been trained or influenced by Jon over the last 20 years, so why not just save your time and come directly to the source and let us solve your challenges today!

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"we have taken some of our corporate clients APC pass rates from 30% to 100% in six months"

Whether we can do the same for you or not... it is all about getting the proper professional advice!

Why not contact us for a chat?

Have you heard about our free Corporate Catch-Up programme?

It is very simple.  We can arrange to catch up (online) with your APC candidates, every two months, for half an hour, and chat about anything APC.  This service is only available to Employers and on a first come first served basis.


Also, see our APC Roadshows

All it takes is a quick no-obligation chat and you can start supporting your candidates for free!

"How can I monitor all of my APC candidates effortlessly and in real-time?"

Now, that is an interesting (and often seriously underestimated) question!

Don't worry, Jon Lever FRICS has already thought about this 20 years ago and solved the problem for you!

  • Saving you 60% of your candidate's APC administration time in the process!

  • Delivering the APC process in a simple and visual report format (colourful progress graphs)

  • Allowing you to monitor all of your candidates online and in real-time!

Today the myAPC Diary 2020 management and mentoring tool is available for all of your APC candidates to use and will help you and your supervisors and counsellors manage, monitor and effectively mentor the APC process properly, still saving 60% of the candidate's administration time... 

In 2020, Jon also developed an employer top-level management report to monitor each candidate's myAPC Diary 2020 and highlight any 'red-flags'.  It too is all online and in real-time

In 2020, (July) Jon was not going to be beaten and designed and created the myAPC Diary 2020 an online management and mentoring tool, delivered in the google sheets app.  It is free to use (currently)

In 2020, (June) due to Covid 19, Jon had to shut down the myAPC Dairy online.  Over its lifespan the myAPC Diary online supported over 1000 APC candidates! (booo! Jon was gutted, it was flawless)

In 2015, Jon worked with a software house and launched the myAPC Diary online, a fully functioning online APC recording management and mentoring tool (diary, logbook, summary of experience and CPD recording) based on a low-cost subscription model. And it was beautiful and flawless!

In 2008, Jon designed and created the RICS APC templates in Microsoft Excel for each APC Pathway and on the basis of his myAPC Diary development experience.  They were used by RICS, around the world, until 2017.

In 2002, Jon designed and created a fully functioning VBA programmed Microsoft Excel workbook called the myAPC Dairy.  It recorded the APC Diary, logbook, Summary of experience and CPD so you could monitor your APC progress.  This was a commercially available product.

In 2001, Jon Lever FRICS designed and created a simple APC diary Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

In 1998, Jon Lever FRICS, had the idea to create an automated APC recording system.  Based upon his APC experience, there had to be a way to make it simpler and easier to deliver

Any of our APC products or services can be provided on an individual basis or we can provide a unique APC programme for all of your candidates?

Are you an RICS regulated firm?

Does your 'Responsible Principle' need to ensure all staff

are trained and up to date on: 

RICS Rules of Conduct?

RICS Professional Ethics?

Conflicts of Interest?

Bribery & Money Laundering?

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