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A DeLever APC Expert Coach to guide you every step of your APC journey...

  • All DeLever APC Expert Coaches are hand-picked by Jon Lever FRICS

  • An APC Expert Coach are experienced APC Assessors or Chairs

  • Specifically matched to your Pathway

  • Supporting any aspect of your APC journey

  • Potential to be your Counsellor too

  • Supported by DeLever products, services and a great admin team

DeLever APC Coaching includes:

  • A friendly APC Expert Coach who completely understands what you are trying to achieve 

  • A large network of APC Experts to draw upon and collectively over 250 years of experience

  • General one to one coaching explaining the APC and working through key APC milestones

  • APC Competency review and discussion

  • APC Case Study discussion and report review and feedback

  • APC Submission Documentation Review

  • APC Final Assessment discussion and preparation

  • APC Final Assessment presentation discussion & practice

  • APC Final Assessment question review (APC iSpy)

  • APC Competency Question and Answer practice sessions

  • APC Counsellor role (note: not all coaches provide this)

  • And much, much more...

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£162 per hour
(£135 plus VAT per hour)

Special offers
To help you prepare for your APC Final Assessment, we have put together some bulk coaching packs.

Improve your chance for success?

Poor mentoring and misunderstanding what 'being ready' for the assessment means, are all too common!

Learning outcomes

  • Probably too many to mention, but I'll have a go, plus it depends upon what aspects of coaching you use

  • Confident that you have someone who knows what they are doing

  • A full appreciation of the APC journey and competencies

  • Confident that you are progressing to the Final Assessment with a good opportunity to pass


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"Big thank you for all the help and support over the last 6 months. Could not have achieved this without your counsel."

"I started my Senior Professional Assessment Route in May 2020. I attended the weekly video calls Led by Jon Lever and Eoin Lawless.  I cannot emphasise enough how this has benefitted me in preparing myself for my assessment.  The professional and amicable approach from both Jon & Eoin  has helped me understand the process that must be followed and I can safely state I could not have gone through the process without them"

Vincent Small - Glasgiven Contracts Ltd

APC Pathways we support

With our 30+ strong team of APC Expert Coaches (who are all APC Assessors) we can cover all APC Routes and most of the APC Pathways too.


  • Building Control

  • Building Surveying

  • Commercial Real Estate (including Telecoms)

  • Corporate Real Estate

  • Environment

  • Facilities Management

  • Infrastructure

  • Management Consultancy

  • Planning and Development

  • Project Management

  • Quantity Surveying and Construction

  • Residential

  • Rural

  • Valuation

The APC Routes

we support


  • APC 24 Structured Training

  • APC 12 Structured Training

  • APC Preliminary 

  • APC 10 Year / 'APC Other'

  • APC Senior Professional


  • Graduate Route 1

  • Graduate Route 2

  • Graduate Route 3

  • Adaptation

  • Senior Professional

We also support

  • CIOB to RICS Conversion

  • Senior Expert Route

  • Associate Route candidates

  • APC Apprentices

  • Students

Coaching - Coaching Packages

APC Coaching Packages

'Maximise your Final Assessment opportunity with one of our bulk coaching packages'

Often candidates do not appreciate the amount of time it takes to prepare for the 

Final Assessment and the last six months lead in to the submission period and

then the Final Assessment is critical.  With this in mind, we can offer you the 

following Final Assessment coaching packs.

Coaching packages

2 hour pack  £307.80 (£128.25 per hour excluding VAT)

Normally £324 ... Saving 5%

5 hour pack  £729 (£121.50 per hour excluding VAT) 

Normally £810 ... Saving 10%

10 hour pack  £1,377 (£114.75 per hour excluding VAT)

Normally £1,620 ... Saving 15%

You can discuss and agree directly with the coach what you would like them to do,

but we suggest the following in the 6 month lead-in. 

  • Generally, a friendly resource and moral support as you approach,
    one of your most difficult career challenges 

  • Competency achievement and recording

  • Case Study

  • Competency knowledge base

  • Competency write up support

  • CPD write up support

  • Counsellor support

  • Proposer and seconder support

  • APC presentation support and practicing

  • Question and Answer support

All DeLever APC Expert Coaches are experienced APC Assessors and handpicked by Jon Lever FRICS

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