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Online live or recorded APC learning that is fun, flexible and accessible...

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  • Online and live or recorded

  • Work / learn / revise at your pace

  • Facilitated by Jon Lever FRICS

  • APC process

  • APC Competency

  • APC Workshops

  • Individual and package options

  • Jon Lever FRICS had been facilitating APC Masterclasses online for over 10 years

  • Jon is uniquely placed to provide these Masterclasses as he has had intensive involvement with the APC for over 20 years

  •  the DeLever APC Masterclasses

  • We pride ourselves on our professional approach and understand the dynamics in delivering events online

  • We have supported 1000's of APC candidates, around the world with our APC Masterclasses and we always get a fantastic response from everyone who connects with us 

  • We are always developing our portfolio of topics

  • Don't forget to check out our Masterclass package options too

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Live Special Offer

Only £15 (incl VAT & fees)

(£12.50 excl VAT& fees)

(Normally £35)


£35 (incl VAT & fees)

(£29.00 excl VAT& fees)

Masterclass packages

Check out our special offer

packages here

Tap into a wealth of experience...

We facilitate a whole range of APC process, competency and other relevant topics in bite size accessible formats.

Learning outcomes

  • Familiarise yourself with the whole APC process

  • Learn about the APC Competency requirements

  • Identify any competency / revision gaps

  • Identify ongoing preparation priorities

  • Interact with Jon Lever FRICS

  • At least 1 hr CPD per Masterclass
    (More from private study based upon information provided)

  • Increase your chances to pass the APC Final Assessment


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"I was very happy with the Masterclass, it covered so much of what I needed to know. Also helps with structuring time etc. Very pleased I joined."


Satisfaction score


"Very straightforward, clear and concise."


"Jon Lever has really mastered webinar speaking and his knowledge of the subject is second to none. I would recommend this service to anyone taking their chartership. I will definitely be attending more sessions closer to my assessment date."

Masterclasses Live & Recorded

Live Masterclasses

Below is our current APC masterclass programme.  Click the 'Buy' button and we'll transport you to our online ticketing system where you can purchase one or as many as you like.


Jon is looking forward to meeting you and running the next Live Masterclass... 

Session 2 - 2021 - Dates TBC

Mandatory Competencies

APC Process

APC Workshops - Submit your documents

  • APC Process (First one free)

  • Writing Competencies

  • Accounting Principles

  • Business Planning

  • Case Study Explained

  • Communication & Negotiation

  • Conflict Avoidance...

  • Client Care

  • Data Management

  • Pre-Submission

  • Diversity Inclusion Teamwork

  • Inclusive Environments

  • Sustainability

  • Final Assessment

  • Final Assessment Presentation

  • Rules of Conduct

  • Professional Ethics

  • Leadership

  • Managing People

  • Managing Resources

Recorded Masterclasses

Here is our current APC Recorded Masterclass archive.  Click the topic you are interested in and you will be whisked off to our online streaming pages in Vimeo, where you can buy and stream on pretty much any smart device. 

More recordings will be added as the live Masterclasses are delivered.

APC Process

APC Mandatory Competencies

DeLever Learning & Development

Note:  All of our APC Masterclass recordings are provided on a single-user licence for a set period of time.​  We suggest each recording has approximately a 6-month shelf life and we cannot guarantee the content is correct after that time period.  We rerecord each Masterclass Live every 6 months, or if a significant update has occurred, to keep the recording archive fresh and up to date.


If you would like the APC Masterclass programme delivered in-house, why not contact us for a chat?

  • APC Roadshow Bronze

    Every month
    DeLever APC Roadshow Bronze
    • Access to the live online APC Roadshows ONLY
    • Monthly Subscription of £4.98 (incl VAT & Fees)
    • This plan does NOT expire. Cancel at anytime
  • APC Roadshow Silver

    Every month
    DeLever APC Roadshow Silver Subscription
    • Access to the live online APC Roadshows
    • Monthly Subscription of £9.98 (incl VAT & Fees)
    • Access to the recordings for the month subscribed ONLY
    • Plan does NOT expire. You can cancel it any time.
  • APC Roadshow Gold

    Every month
    DeLever APC Roadshow Gold Subscription
    • Access to the live online APC Roadshow
    • This plan does NOT expire. Cancel at anytime
    • Monthly Subscription of £19.98 (incl VAT & Fees)
    • Access to the entire recordings archive during subscription
  • Masterclass Platinum

    All 18 APC Masterclasses + recordings for 6 months
    Valid for 6 months
    • Worth £1392 if purchased individually
    • Program available to view here:
  • Masterclass Gold

    Every month
    Valid for 6 months
    • Access to 4 or 5 APC Masterclasses per month
    • Live attendance
    • Recorded access for 30 days
    • Plan duration 6 months
    • Worth £232 per month if purchased individually

APC Masterclass Recording

Special Offer (Also available as live events)

'Time to watch our APC Masterclass recordings as part of your revision plan and they are CPD relevant too'

You can buy and watch individual APC Masterclass recordings

CPD: 1+hrs plus additional CPD hrs from on-topic personal private

study on the topics discussed and guidance given. 


Facilitated by: Jon Lever FRICS

Special Offer Price:  £25  (£22 excl VAT & fees)

Access period: 30 days

Normally £35 for 30 days - Saving £8 per recording

Go to our APC Masterclass page, see what recordings

are available and use this code: DLMS10C2020

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Masterclass - Package
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