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Document Review (Pre-Submission)
From our experience over 20+ years, 60+% of candidates get their documents wrong!

  • Engage with a DeLever APC Expert Coach

  • A forensic review of your submission document

  • Identifying areas for improvement

  • One to one online focussed discussion

  • Recorded in ZOOM and a copy provided

  • Part of the DeLever quality checked services

  • Check out our special offer packages

  • A large number of APC candidates submit poor documentation to RICS (about 60% from over the last 23+ years of experience) which can have a significant effect to your Final Assessment outcome

  • It is so important to get your submission documents right first time! 

  • We can provide you with peace of mind and have one of the DeLever APC Expert Coaches (APC Assessor) review your submission documents and identify the pitfalls before you submit them to RICS

  • You'll be invited to submit your documents to DeLever for a remote offline review, approximately 1 to 1.5 hours, by a DeLever APC Expert Coach

  • You will then be invited to a focused one to one online session (approx 1.5 to 2 hours) with a Delever APC Expert Coach to walk through your document with you, explaining where your document and approach can be improved to maximise your opportunity to ACE your APC

  • The whole service is a dedicated 3 hours, focused review, by a DeLever APC Expert Coach

  • Once you have taken onboard the DeLever APC Expert Coaches guidance, you should have a document fit for assessment and exactly what the assessors are looking for

  • You can always engage the DeLever APC Expert Coach for further support through our DeLever APC Coaching Service and special discounted rates linked to this service.

DeLever Document Review.png

Don't leave it too late!  We need 10 to 14 days to deliver this service.  We suggest at least 4 weeks prior to the submission deadlines, to give you a chance to make any changes.

Early Bird 
(L&P - 19/01/2024)
(BE - 18/02/2024)
£444 (incl. VAT & fees)
(£370 excl. VAT & fees)

Normal Rate

£498 (incl. VAT & fees)(£415 excl. VAT & fees)

Document Review package
Pre-submission document review and follow up coaching special offer

Your documentation is so important...

Make sure your first impressions count. Don't be a statistic.  Lets get your documents right first time!

IMPORTANT - Document Quality Required?

At DeLever we want to ensure you get the highest benefit out of any service we provide, therefore for you to get the most out of your document review we advise that you need to provide a submission document to the following standard.

Doc Review Guidance

If your submission document falls below the required standard our APC Expert Coach may contact you to discuss the benefit of undertaking the document review now or whether the submission document needs more work and resubmitting before the document review commences.

DocRev - DocRev Package

APC Document Review Package

'A document review and follow up 2 hours of coaching'

Candidates often are surprised at the amount of work that needs doing after a

document review, so we thought we could help out and build some coaching in

for you too.

What do you get?

  • The APC Document review report - £498 (including VAT)

  • 2 hours of follow up coaching - £260 (including VAT)

  • If booking this package, additional coaching can be purchased at £130/hour (including VAT)

Package Price - £758 (including VAT)

Normally £798      Saving £40

DeLever Document Review.png



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