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APC Prep Pack...
A revision package designed to help you prepare for the APC Final Assessment...

APC prep days are available every
2 months

  • Facilitated by Jon Lever FRICS

  • Trained over 8,000 Assessors in the last 16 years

  • Facilitated well over 2000 APC Assessments 

  • Spent 18 years as an RICS Training advisor

  • and has sat on a number of high-level boards at RICS including Regulation and Governing Council

  • We don't think there is anyone better qualified in the world to tell you about the APC 

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£150 (incl VAT & fees)
(£125 excl VAT & fees)


APC Final stages, don't miss anything!

Come and work through, at your own pace, some top quality APC Final Assessment guidance and advice

What is in the Prep Pack?

​We have taken some considerable time preparing and developing this pack to cover all your APC Final Assessment needs.

You will have 24/7 online streaming access to the whole pack contents for the whole duration of an assessment period:


From the beginning of September to the end December.  

That is a massive 4 months!  



From the beginning of April to the end of July

That is a massive 5 months!  

Plus+ bonus

Every delegate attending the 25.05.21

DeLever APC Prep Day will receive a link to stream our online APC Mandatory Competency Revision Pack

Plus+ bonus

Every delegate attending the 20.05.21

DeLever APC Prep Day will receive a link to stream our online APC Mandatory Competency Revision Pack



Normally £299


7hrs Formal CPD at the  DeLever APC Prep Day PLUS+ 11hrs Formal CPD in the Mandatory Competency Revision Pack


​Prep Pack contents

  • The RICS Rules of Conduct Masterclass - Over 4 hours CPD

  • All of the APC Mandatory competency Masterclasses - Over 15 hours of CPD 

  • The Final Assessment explained Masterclass - 1 hr CPD

  • The Final Assessment Presentation Explained Masterclass - 1 hr CPD

Learning outcomes

  • Opportunity to discuss your APC with Jon Lever FRICS

  • Familiarise yourself with the whole process

  • Evaluate your APC preparation, so far

  • Identify any competency / revision gaps

  • Identify ongoing preparation priorities

  • Appreciate how the Final Assessment Interview works

  • Understand how the APC questions will be asked

  • At least 7 hrs CPD. (PLUS+ the BONUS 11 hrs)

  • Increase your chances to pass the real interview

"I have gained more of an insight into how to write competencies and how the APC submissions should be formatted"


"Jon was an excellent presenter. The whole event was really intuitive and I learned so much. It has given me much more confidence for when I sit my APC."


Feedback faces.png

99% Satisfaction

Candidate satisfaction scores:

  • 99% Quality of presenter

  • 100% Organisation of the event

  • 99% ONLINE ZOOM environment

  • 97% Materials Provided


"Very useful information and motivates you to cracking on with all that is required to submit your assessment and beyond. "


"I thought the day was structured very well, and kept me interested all day. I learnt a lot about the APC process, how my submission should be structured to best showcase my experience, and an insight into the final assessment questioning. A really good basis for preparing for the APC, and Jon is great at presenting."

Prepday - Prepday Recording Package

APC Prep Day Recording Package

'3 months access to the recordings'

This package contains a mixture of APC Process & Mandatory Competency Masterclass Recordings.

CPD: 5+hrs plus additional CPD hrs from on-topic personal private study on the topics discussed and guidance given. 


Prep Day Date: 30th November 2020

Facilitated by: Jon Lever FRICS

Topics: APC Process, How to write up your competencies, APC Case Study Explained, APC Final Assessment Explained, Final Assessment presentation explained, APC Final Assessment Interview (real mock interview footage), How I train the APC Assessors, Rules of Conduct & Ethics, Hot topics

Bonus*: Making the Best Use of Your Time

​Package Price:  £197

Access period: 90 days

Normally £150 for 30 days (90 days = £447)

APC Prep day package.png


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