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Christmas Special 2022...
DeLever Christmas Special, Fantastic offer, saving in excess of £178...

APC Package.png

How do you get this fantastic Christmas Package deal?

Two simple steps:
1. Click this button and pay for the package in our VIMEO recording / streaming archive.  That will get you access to the APC Mandatory Competency Masterclasses

Kick-Start your SPRING 2023 Revision

What better than tons of APC Mandatory Competency Masterclasses and more Hot Topic recordings than you can shake a stick at!  That is a massive 140hrs of CPD to help you ACE your APC Final Assessment!

2. Keep your VIMEO receipt and send a copy / screen capture (basically proof of purchase) to where one of the fantastic admin team will subscribe you to the APC Roadshow GOLD huge CPD archive

PLEASE NOTE DeLever offices will be closed for the festive period from 17th December 2022 to 3 January 2023.  So, you may not gain access to the GOLD archive during this time


Screenshot 2022-11-22 at 13.58.33.png

Please note, to purchase the individual components of this deal for the period of 6 months would cost you in excess of:


Happy Christmas from DeLever


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