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DeLever Affiliate Scheme
Become a DeLever affiliate and raise awareness of DeLever support

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Proactive Support

A small way that DeLever can reward our supporters for raising awareness of how DeLever can help you through your APC Journey. 

Interested?  Get in touch and have a chat about how it works...

Anyone can be a DeLever Affiliate and we encourage you to spread the word about how DeLever can assist your APC Journey

Step 1Register to become a DeLever Affiliate


Step 2Tell the world about DeLever APC Support

Step 3 - Receive a reward when someone engages with DeLever from your introduction

And now the teeny tiny print...

1. All DeLever Affiliate applications are vetted by the Managing Director and the Managing Director retains the right to refuse anyone access to the DeLever Affiliate Scheme without need for a reason

2. To become a DeLever affiliate you will need to sign the DeLever Affiliate Agreement.  We will send you a copy when you register your interest

3. All DeLever affiliates are expected to conduct themselves in a polite and professional manner and not bring the DeLever brand into disrepute

4. DeLever reserves the right to terminate any Affiliate agreement immediately, without notice at the discretion of the Managing Director

5. Affiliate agreements are for a sole individual and cannot be assigned to a third party.

Full details are contained in the DeLever Affiliate Agreement

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